torsdag 13 maj 2010

Allegories and gloom...

Throbbing Gristle - Beachy Head
Artie Shaw - Gloomy Sunday
Pentangle - Hunting Song
Catharsis - 32 Mars
Chico Hamilton - Song From Repulsion
Chico Hamilton - Carol's Walk
Psychic TV - We Kiss
Krzysztof Komeda - The Fearless Vampire Killers-Main Theme
Broadcast - Milling Around The Village
The West Coast Pop Art Experimental Band - I Won't Hurt You
Jackie McLean - Love And Hate
Scoen & Cicci Santucci - Condizionamento
Trees - The Garden Of Jane Delawney
Chico Hamilton - Blue Sands
The Caretaker - Cloudy, Since You Went Away


Total time: 46.03

5 kommentarer:

A Sound Awareness sa...

Have you stolen my record collection?

Cthulhu sa...

Yes! I admit, it was me.

A Sound Awareness sa...

I think it was!

ryan jacuzzi sa...

So goooooood, I think I've listened to this at least 300 times now

Anonym sa...