söndag 8 augusti 2010

Cult and colour...

Claude Vasori - Splash
Giuliano Sorgini - Mad Town
Alessandro Alessandroni - Jeune Flirt
Rodney Bewes - Dear Mother Loves Albert
Mario Molino - Jerk Beat
The Vampires Of Dartmoore - Tanz Der Vampire
Ennio Morricone - Le Casse
Arawak - Londra 1965
The Electric Prunes - Wind-Up Toys
George Harrison - Reed Lady Too
Roger Roger - Dynamovement No 1
Blue Phantom - Equilibrium
Claude Vasori - Sybernetic
Mario Molino - Woman
Daisy Chain - Zzotto
Keith Mansfield - Morning Broadway
Sven Lidbaek - Solar Flares


Total time: 44.35

2 kommentarer:

A Sound Awareness sa...

Many thanks for this. We listen to your mixes on a regular basis round these parts.

Cthulhu sa...

Thanks! I'm checking in on you at least a few times every week to see what you're up to. Really enjoying it. And thanks for all the work with the radiophonic stuff earlier.