måndag 8 november 2010

Panthella pop...

France Gall - Attends Ou Va-T'En
The Inner Space - Kamerasong
The Zombies - Girl Help Me
Francoise Hardy - Qui Peut Dire
Ennio Morricone - Beat N. 3
The Carrie Nations - Come With The Gentle People
Mina - Se Telefonando
Stereolab - French Disco
Tremblexy - Spring Time
Alice Through The Looking Glass - Dance Of The Talking Flowers
Les Roche Martin - Tu As Peur Du Bruit
Turn On - Ru Tenone
Vashti Bunyan - Some Things Just Stick In Your Mind
American Spring - Sweet Mountain
The Mamas & The Papas - Even If I Could
Francoise Hardy - Le Temps Des Souvenirs


Total time: 44.11

4 kommentarer:

Unmann-Wittering sa...

Fantastic stuff, thanks.

dispo sa...

I enjoyed that mix a lot, thank you very much! It's the first of your mixes I listened to and there are so many more, damn, the future is bright!

Cthulhu sa...

Thanks for listening!

Between Channels sa...

Great mix, really crisp and fresh.