söndag 12 december 2010

Impressions in rhythm and sound...

Narassa - Tensione Dinamica
The Dave Pike Set - Regards From Freddie Horrowitz
Yttling Jazz - Tokyo Hyatt
The Michael Garrick Trio - Moonscape
Gabor Szabo - Three King Fishers
Krzysztof Komeda - Crazy Girl
Nino Rota - Toby Dammit Theme
Eric Framond - Bacchanale Chez Satan
Piero Piccioni - Traffic Boom
The Dudley Moore Trio - Amalgam
Basil Kirchin & John Coleman - The New Breed
Wynton Kelly Trio - The Fall Of Love
Tubby Hayes Orchestra - Israel Nights
Santucci & Scoppa - Deep Look


Total time: 45.42

3 kommentarer:

Between Channels sa...

Komeda, Kirchin, Tubby Hayes AND 'Three King Fishers' by Gabor Szabo. Some of my favourites, thank you!

keith Seatman sa...

Yet another great mix. Thank you very much. Have sent you a friend request on myspace.

Cthulhu sa...

Thanks for listening! Cheers