söndag 15 maj 2011

Beyond the see...

Bo Hansson - Elidor
Bo Hansson - Funderingar På Vinden
Bernard Estardy - À Cour Ouvert
Frank Reidy & Eric Allen - Haunted Lullabye
Pentangle - Sovay
International Harvester - Sommarlåten
F Semprun & M Christodoulides - Sacrifice
The Incredible String Band - Beyond The See
Nora Orlandi - A Doppia Faccia (Instrumental)
Merit Hemmingson - Jag Ser Uppå Dina Ögon
Bernard Estardy - Angoisse Au Coeur
Catharsis - Le Canard Blanc
Love - Always See Your Face
Spring - The Prisoner
Tangerine Dream - The Big Sleep In Search Of Hades


Total time: 44.29

5 kommentarer:

Keith Seatman sa...

Hi Dunwich Radio. I would very much like to send you a copy of my new album Consistently Mediocre and Daydreams. Could you send me a contact address. You can contact me through my Blogger page http://testtransmissionarchive.blogspot.com/

dispo sa...

I found two Bo Hansson albums the week you published this mix (one must like people who pose as giant insects behind synth-cockpits). And the Estardy Electro Sounds are all time favorites of my library collection. But anyway: I enjoyed your mix once more. Really like how that Love song kicks in.

My time is yours sa...

Dear Dunwich Radio,

I really enjoy your tremendous mixes. Thanks so much for putting them out.

Cthulhu sa...

Dispo: thanks, I'm glad you enjoyed it. I think Bo Hansson was a bit of a genius, I hope you like the records you bought.

My time is yours: thank you! And welcome back!

Anonym sa...

Fab. Just fab.