söndag 10 juli 2011

Carl Orff - Musica poetica...

Carl Orff "Fabulettes". This 7" EP is part of Carl Orff's "Schulwerk - Musica Poetica" series, and it features a 19 short tracks with spoken word interludes. I really like this calm, dreamy, and if you want, slightly psychedelic music, which it's a far cry from his more well-known bombastic work.
For more info on the Schulwerk - Musica Poetica series, check this site.

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Anonym sa...

brilliant. + loving the podcasts very much!
check my blog for similar psych meanderings.


Anonym sa...

Ok, Michael. Here is a .zip I created of the original archive: http://anonym.to/?http://tiny.cc/cj2pc
And here is a .rar:
Both are passwordless.

Loki sa...

hey, not heard this one before... been digging into Orff's non-obvious canon recently... liked the cosmic tones mix as well!