måndag 31 oktober 2011

Psycho pling-plong...

Ralph Lundsten - Prayer 1-Hallowed Be Thy Name
Dominique Guiot - La Dance Des Méduses
Ennio Morricone - Svolta Definitiva
Guy Boyer - Sratch
G. Iacoucci - Alchemie Et Alambics
Moondog - Lament 1 "Bird's Lament"
Ruth White - Wanting Wings
Alessandro Alessandroni - Avvicendamento
Harmonia - Dino
Patrice Sciortino - A Trois Taons
Ravi Shankar - Variations On Love Theme
Guy Boyer - Formula One
G. Iacoucci - Obsession Nocturne
Sam Sklair - Osmosis
The Vampires Of Dartmoore - Frankenstein Grüsst Alpha 7
Giampiero Boneschi - Oakum
Alessandro Alessandroni - Stozzatrice
Serge Gainsbourg - Danger


Total time: 44:06

5 kommentarer:

thenameisq sa...

another stellar mix! Thanks Dunwich. Please never stop.

Cthulhu sa...

Thanks! Thanks for listening!

Anonym sa...

Great! Your compilations introduce me to so much new music I have never heard. Keep it up,

dispo sa...

I think this one's particularily good... but then I think I say that about all your mixes...

Cthulhu sa...

Thanks everybody!
Dispo: you're welcome to say that as much as you like!