lördag 11 augusti 2012

Deathjazz vol. 2...

Giuliano Sorgini - Zed
Don Burrows - The Spider Gang
Rino De Filippi - Edilizia
Lasse Färnlöf - The Chameleon
Wilfred Josephs - No. 6 Approaches The Escape Helicopter
Giuliano Sorgini - Survival
Dorothy Ashby - Soft Winds
Robert Viger - Rayon D'etoile
Börje Fredriksson - Prinsessans Brudvals (II)
Bill Le Sage - Bossa Noches
Jacky Giordano - Induce
Fabio Fabor - Killer-Vib
Don Burrows - 2000 Weeks-Titles
Henri Renaud & Rebert Hermel - Wien 65
Elvio Monti & Pelleus - Teddy Boy
Bruno Nicolai - Voice In The Night


Total time: 48:03

5 kommentarer:

The Swede sa...

Great mix - thanks!


This makes me feel deeply cool. I need a cocktail in a dingy smoke-filled cellar bar somewhere...

Dun Ra sa...

Thanks guys!

My time is yours sa...

Really Terrific! thanks

Jo/No sa...

Fin mix!