måndag 10 december 2012

Colour dreams...

Zdenek Liska - Choir From "The Cremator"
Andrzej Korzynski - W Pustyni I W Pustynia
Isabelle Aubret - Casa Forte
Nino Rota - Song From "Giulietta Degli Spiriti"
Alejandro Jodorowsky - 300 Conejos
The Freak Scene - A Million Grains Of Sand
Phillippe D'Aram - Facination
Louis And Bebe Barron - Bells Of Atlantis
Skeppet - Inåt Landet
Keith Hudson - Formula Dub
Tod Dockstader - Snap Prance
Else Marie Pade - Margrethes Fördömmelse
Gerhard Narholz - Satellite X 37
The Beach Boys - Workshop
The Monkees - Daily Nightly
Chico Magnetic Band - Pop Pull Hair
Tangerine Dream - Atem-edit
Andrzej Korzynski - Losy 2


Total time: 46:18

2 kommentarer:

Tayo sa...

Hi Dun Ra,Yet again another wonderful mix. I've been downloading your mixes for a while now and it's about time I thanked you for all the time and effort you clearly put into them. So, thank you. They are very much appreciated.

Dun Ra sa...

Hi! Thank you, I'm very happy to here that! Thanks for listening!