tisdag 22 januari 2013

Music from "The Prisoner"...

Electronic Mind
What's The Name Of This Place?
Foret Tropicale/No. 6 Chops Down A Tree
Psychedelic Portrait
I Suppose You're Wondering...
No. 6 Takes The Life-belt
From Out Of Space
Speedboat Dash
Electrified Trap
I Am Not A Number
No. 6 Approaches The Escape Helicopter
Under The Lamp
Sweet Village Music
My Name Is Death
No. 6 Enters Dream
Fight On Board
Harpsichord In Jazz No. 1
Stalactites Et Stalagmites
No. 6's Historical Recital
Tomorrow, You Will Wake Up A New Man
Attack Of The Bulldozer
No. 6 Is Regressed Back To Childhood
Walk Down French Street "A"
Dance Of No. 6
Harpsichord For Drama
Night Club Music
Music Concréte III
Knowledgable Cabbages
No. 6 Follows No. 58
Adrift At Sea
President Speech
End Titles

Music by Ron Grainer, Nino Nardini, Albert Elms, Wilfred Josephs, Camille Sauvage, Paul Bonneau, Eric Allen & Frank Reidy, Jack Arel, Eric Peters, Thierry Veneux, Jean-Claude Petit, Johnny Hawksworth etc.


Total time: 45:59

3 kommentarer:

Angelo sa...

Wow, The Prisoner...
The character that inhabited my childhood nightmares!
Such a wormhole trip to listen to it...

Thank you again, Anders!

Dun Ra sa...

Cool, I'm glad you enjoyed it! Cheers!

Indiana Limestone sa...

Liked the music of The Prisoner. thanks for sharing. xo
~ Herman Swan