lördag 21 december 2013

Dream sequences...

Vangelis - 01
The MFQ - I Had A Dream Last Night
Alessandro Alessandroni - Bandidos
Peggy Lipton - Wear Your Love Like Heaven
Donovan - A Sunny Day
Cosmic Eye - Part 4
Magic Sand - Get Ready To Fly
Leonardo Marletta - Allucinazioni
Willie Nelson - Blue Skies
Yusef Lateef's Detroit - Eastern Market
The Fool - Voice On The Wind
Ralph Lundsten - Anrop: Fader Vår Som Är I Himmelen
Moggi - Officina Stellare
The Undisputed Truth - Ungena Za Ulimwengu/Friendship Train
Jacques Lasry - Labyrinthe


Total time: 43:53

7 kommentarer:

Angelo sa...

christmas isn't christmas, without a brand new Dunwich Radio mix...

Gott Nytt År

Angelo sa...

...and, Anders, just out of curiosity: why Umiliani's "Officina stellare" is here credited to "Moggi"? Is it maybe a cover version?

Thanks + cheers

Angelo sa...

Sorry, just checked out in google: Moggi is an Umiliani's pseudonym. I didn't knew, now I do.

Thanks again

Dun Ra sa...

Merry Christmas Angelo :)

Anonym sa...

Beautiful. Come back soon!!

Jennifer Davies sa...

I love music. I don't know how I could live without the car radio. My commute is just too long otherwise. Thanks!

Jenn | http://www.potpourriradio.com

Ayumi Sophia sa...

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