fredag 6 april 2012

Contemporary sounds and movements...

Add N To (X) - Machine Is Bored With Love
Klaus Weiss - Measure 1
Antena - Camino Del Sol
The Sammy Burdson Group - Space Nocturno 2
The Sammy Burdson Group - Speedy Motion 1
Food Pyramid - Mango Sunrise
Mick Jagger - Invocation Of My Demon Brother (edit)
Carter Tutti Void - V3 (edit)
Gino Marinuzzi Jr. - Perduti Nello Spazio
The Swingers - Quandrangolo
Hong Kong In The 60's - The Flower Of Quince House
F.C. Judd - Sprockets
Air - Parade
Peter Thomas - Electric Cats
Klaus Weiss - Testing Plant
Egg - Fugue In D Minor
Add N To (X) - Steve's Going To Teach Himself Who's Boss
The Byrds - Space Odyssey


Total time: 44:01

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Brilliant, again thanks...