onsdag 25 april 2012

Pop impressions...

Janko Nilovic - Prelude Jour Une Rose Noire
The Poppy Family - Free From The City
Rotary Connection - Magical World
The Left Banke - Sing Little Bird Sing
Waldir Calmon - Airport Love Theme
The Lew Howard All-Stars - Hula Rock
Pussy - All Of My Life
Waldir Calmon - Zorra
Pierre Raph - Jewel Thieves
Jack Trombey - Question Mark
The Makers - Don't Challange Me
Morton Stevens - Beach Trip
Janko Nilovic - Blow Down
Shuggie Otis - XI-30
Piero Piccioni - Bora Bora
Jeff Alexander - Come Wander With Me


Total time: 43:43

2 kommentarer:

Veda sa...

Man ... u got some amazing gems here!! Really glad i found this blog , thanx man and god bless.

dispo sa...

Hi there, once again a great mix, enjoyed it on a long train ride this week, and it will stay on rotation for another while.
E.g. that Poppy Family song is so good. I'll have to get that LP.