onsdag 9 maj 2012

Paranormal in the west country...

Electric Frankenstein - Moon Walk
Hansson & Karlsson - Pick-Up
Roj - Go Without Me
The New Lines - Identity And Non-Identity
Writing On The Wall - Buffalo
Björn Olsson - Fading Reality
Skeppet - Perfekt Skugga
Merit Hemmingson - Vindarna Sucka Uti Skogarna
Teisco - Green Water (Fly Leaf Above The Green Water)
Pink Floyd - Let There Be More Light
André Popp - Pour Celui Qui Viendra


Total time: 45:30

5 kommentarer:

Ben sa...

nice! i've been looking for that tuscan castle ost.

Cthulhu sa...

Thanks! Me too, it's a rare one. I found this track on Youtube. It's a 2-300 Euro record isn't it? I have a few bits and pieces of other songs from it and they're great too.

Anonym sa...

Thank you for continuing to post these brilliant podcasts. Always something new to hear.

A Sound Awareness sa...

..... never fear, a reissue of Teisco ‎– Tuscan Castle And Country Seat will be out and about in a month or so. I'll keep you posted.

Cthulhu sa...

Singing Bear: thank you!

A Sound Awareness: That is good news! Yes please keep me posted.